Glucosamine and High Blood Pressure

Did it becomes clear that there might be a hyperlink between using glucosamine and bloodstream pressure issues?

Glucosamine is really a natural substance based in the body, it’s an amino acidity present in ligament and cartilage from the body. For most people it’s also their number 1 supplement, especially individuals who are suffering from osteo arthritis. Actually, glucosamine coupled with chondroitin sulfate can help reduce severe joint and muscle discomfort. Recent reports however they are starting to link glucosamine to high bloodstream pressure, which isn’t great news.

Kinds of Glucosamine

You will find two kinds of this supplement, glucosamine hydrochloride and glucosamine sulfate. Either could well be fine for a normally healthy individual, however if you suffer from from high bloodstream pressure or on the low sodium diet you will have to steer clear of the sulfate version of glucosamine. Sodium, that’s salt, can be used to stabilize glucosamine sulfate, that is not so good news for individuals already suffering or in danger of high bloodstream pressure.


Even when you don’t have high bloodstream pressure, you might want to avoid glucosamine sulfate for those who have other risks which make you susceptible to the problem. For those who have the following risks, you have to be careful together with your sodium intake, meaning staying away from glucosamine sulfates.

  • Overweight
  • Over 55
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Tobacco use
  • Genealogy
  • Ethnicity- particularly Black

Other health conditions and medicines may also may play a role in whether you have to be careful about your sodium intake. You need to speak to your physician concerning the perils of taking glucosamine sulfate for those who have Cushing’s disease, kidney problems, take other prescription medicines as well as use illicit drugs. Although this latter might not be an appropriate conversation, it is necessary to improve your health.

Intravenous Glucosamine

The joint disease foundation has been doing extensive research around the results of intravenous glucosamine and the things they found is startling. This type of glucosamine can result in abnormal circulation system function and blood insulin resistance. These two can and do result in chronic conditions for example diabetes, cardiovascular illnesses and bloodstream pressure. You should observe that these studies centered on intravenous glucosamine and never dental supplements.

High Bloodstream Pressure Risk?

For those who have or are in danger of high bloodstream pressure, you might want to carefully re-think about using glucosamine sulfate supplements. You might be using this glucosamine and therefore are getting success by using it, and therefore are resistant against altering. Then take this next thing. Improve your intake of water to some gallon each day and allow the water fulfil among its operates by eliminating the body. The eliminating action of the extra water will remove excess salt out of your body and go ahead and take stress off your renal system. This quantity of water can help your joint discomfort problems, too.


Should you still see high bloodstream pressure in the glucosamine you’re using, then go ahead and think about making a modification of your glucosamine supplement.